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GrowPanel Pro
GrowPanel Pro
The big daddy of indoor LED grow lights, the GrowPanel Pro. This unit features an intense array of LEDs that produce the perfect spectrum of light for the entire plant lifecycle that run warm to the touch and require no external cooling solution, reflector, or ballast. Not only will the LEDs themse ...
This fantastic little LED grow light is designed to provide the perfect growing spectrum light from any standard light socket! An array of the same intensity LEDs that are used in the GrowUFO and GrowPanel line produces the perfect supplemental or even primary lighting source for indoor gardening w ...

GrowPanel 45
GrowPanel 45
Similar to it's little brother (the GrowPanel), this unit has dimensions of only 12.25" x 12.25" x 1.2" and yet it can effectively light a 5 square foot area for vigorous growth during the entire plant lifecycle-- and it does it with only 45 watts of power draw. The GrowPanel 45 accomplishes this b ...

One of the most economical options for LED indoor gardening, the GrowPanel. This array of LEDs produces light suitable for any stage of plant growth in an intensity similar to that of a traditional 100w HPS/Halide incandescent lamp, but without any worries about heat footprint, mercury content, o ...

The GrowUFO is an amazing LED grow light, representing the apex of efficiency and value. This little unit produces more output than a 400w MH/HPS incandescent lighting system at only at 90w power draw-- not to mention the LEDs themselves run warm to the touch, require no reflector or ballast, and ra ...

LED Grow Lights & Indoor Gardening

The introduction of LED grow lights marks an exciting milestone in indoor gardening. Regardless of whether you are a home growing hobbyist or a seasoned commerical grower, LED lights will allow you to produce higher yields and save money doing it! LED grow lights only use a fraction of the energy of traditional HID grow lights (metal halide and high-pressure sodium) and virtually no heat means even more cost savings because your ventilation system can be much smaller.

LED Grow Lights For The Home Gardener
Some plants need a little extra light to stay healthy and warm. That is why grow lights have become more and more popular with gardeners, especially gardeners who care for plants in greenhouses or in their homes. To get the best out of your grow light, consider getting LED grow lights. LED grow lights have …

Create Your Own Space Garden with an LED Grow Light
NASA astronauts proved that LED growing lights were effective for growing plants in places where there was little, if any, natural light. As part of the experiments on the space station, tiny gardens were bathed in the precise combination of blue and red light necessary for plants to grow. The results were an assortment of …

LEAD the Way with LED Plant Grow Lights
Frustrated With Trying to Grow Plants? Is your climate too cold to grow plants outdoors? Is sunlight too sparse? If a “yes” fits either of these, then consider buying LED (light emitting diode) plant grow lights. LEDs were invented by Russian radio technician Oleg Losev back in the late 1920s, but their plant use is …

Growing Plants Indoors With LED Grow Lights
LED grow lights are used to provide a source of energy for indoor plants. While there are a variety of types of grow lights available, the LED lights are the most environmentally friendly. There are several excellent advantages to using grow lights for indoor gardening; some of them include environmental safety, healthier plants and energy …

The ?Green? Advantage of LED Grow Lights
If considering a more “green” method of growing plants indoors, utilizing light-emitting diodes, or LED grow lights, is a perfect option. Since such systems consume less power, produce far less heat, and have an estimated 100,000 hour life span, this method of lighting is quickly replacing the use of traditional HID light sources. At its …